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Why BC Law
"Our top priority is to make you succeed."

Boston College Law School has earned a national reputation for educational excellence, academic rigor, and the highest standards of professionalism.
Vincent Rougeau, Dean
BC Law: Impact
Time, Time, So Little Time  Link to article
Heads up: There is so much to read in law school. And the case materials are not written in plain English. You will have to read some cases twice or even three times to get a ...
September 19, 2017
Jaegun Lee
Spoiler Alert: It Was BC Law  Link to article
Sometimes, life has a funny way of telling you where you’re supposed to be. In February, I had decided on a law school. Spoiler alert: It wasn’t BC Law. The school...
September 14, 2017
Lessons From My Leave  Link to article
If you’ve been following my law school journey here on the BC Law Impact Blog, you know that it hasn’t been an easy one. I was diagnosed with endometriosis – a chronic r...
September 08, 2017
Caroline Reilly