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The Church in the 21st Century Center


the church in the 21st century center

C21 Steering Committee

Charge: The Church in the 21st Century Steering Committee, with the leadership of the Center Director, sets the overall direction for the C21 Center. This includes reviewing the ideas and recommendations of the Advisory Committee and other interested parties, and, in conjunction with specific subcommittees, giving direction to C21 programs.


Dr. Robert Newton, Chair,
Special Assistant to the President

Rev. William P. Leahy, S.J.,

Rev. Casey Beaumier, S.J.,
Director, Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies

Dr. Boyd Taylor Coolman,
Associate Professor, Theology Department

Dr. Catherine Cornille,
Newton College Alumnae Chair,
Theology Department


Dr. Kerry Cronin,
Associate Director, Lonergan Institute Philosophy Department

Mr. Jack Dunn,
Director, Office of News & Affairs

Dr. Richard Gaillardetz,
Joseph Chair, Catholic Systematic Theology

Dr. Thomas Groome,
Director, C21 Center

Ms. Karen Kiefer,
Associate Director, C21 Center


Ms. Joy Moore,         Associate Vice President, Alumni Relations

Dr. Michael Naughton,   Evelyn J. and Robert A. Ferris Professor, Chairperson, Physics Department

Dr. Hosffman Ospino, Assistant Professor, School of Theology and Ministry

Mr. Michael Sacco,
Director, Center for Student Formation



C21 Advisory Committee

Charge: The Church in the 21st Century Advisory Committee provides advice to the C21 Center, both in recommending appropriate issues and in suggesting events and activities that most appropriately and effectively fulfill the Center’s mission.


Dr. Robert Newton, Co-Chair
Special Assistant to the President

Dr. Heather Rowan-Kenyon,
Co-Chair, Associate Professor, Lynch School of Education

Rev. William P. Leahy, S.J.

Dr. Rossanna Contreras-Godfrey,
Associate Director, McNair Project, Learning to Learn

Mr. Christopher Darcy,
Associate Director,
Campus Ministry 

Ms. Tiziana Dearing,
Professor of the Practice,
School of Social Work

Mr. James DiLoreto,
Associate Athletic Director,
External Relations

Ms. Melinda Donovan,
Associate Director of Continuing Education, School of Theology and Ministry

Dr. Bartomeu Estelrich Barcelo, Assistant Director, Special Projects, Intersections

Dr. Peter Folan, President, Catholic Memorial School

Ms. Sheila Gallagher,
Associate Professor,
Fine Arts Department

Dr. Brian Gareau,         Associate Professor, Sociology Department

Mr. John Glynn, Campus Minister, Campus Ministry

Dr. Thomas Groome,
Director, C21 Center

Ms. Barbara Hebard,
Conservator, Burns Library

Ms. Karen Kiefer,
Associate Director, C21 Center

Ms. Joana Maynard, Assistant Director, AHANA Student Programs

Gustavo Morello, S.J.,   Assistant Professor, Sociology Department

Mr. Scott Olivieri,
Web Support Manager
Information Technology Services

Dr. Mike Serazio,
Associate Professor, Communications Department

Dr. Ethan Sullivan, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Curriculum, Carroll School of Management

Dr. Mary Troxell,
Associate Professor of the Practice, Philosophy Department 

Mr. Tom Wesner,
Senior Lecturer, Carroll School of Management 

Mr. John Walsh,
Student, Class of 2017 


C21 Resources Editorial Board

Charge: The Church in the 21st Century C21 Resources Editorial Board, works in an advisory capacity with the C21 Center and the guest editor of the magazine to review magazine content, resulting in the  best possible compilation of analyses and essays on key challenges facing the Church today.


Dr. Thomas Groome, Chair,
Director, C21 Center

Mr. Jonas Barciauskas,
Head Librarian, O'Neill Library

Mr. Ben Birnbaum
Exec. Director,
Office of Marketing Communications




Ms. Patricia Delaney Gilbert, Deputy Director, Office of News & Public Affairs

Ms. Karen Kiefer,
Associate Director, C21 Center

Dr. Robert Newton,
Special Assistant to the President




Dr. Barbara Radtke, Instructional Designer, Continuing Education, School of Theology and Ministry

Ms. Jackie Regan
Associate Dean
Student Affairs
School of Theology and Ministry