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Student Services Staff Directory

office of student services

The Office of Student Services consolidates the functions of the Registrar's, Financial Aid, Student Employment, Student Accounts, Student Loans, and Credit and Collections offices into one office in order to offer one-stop service for students, their families, and University staff members. The Student Services' staff, their responsibilities, and e-mail addresses are listed below.

For general questions, send an e-mail to or call the main number at 1-800-294-0294 or 1-617-552-3300.

Student Services Administration and Systems Development

Adam Krueckeberg, Interim Executive Director,, 2-3318

Jane McGuire, Administrative Assistant—Human Resources,, 2-4972
Manages office operations including events, purchasing, payroll, hiring, student employees, budget, travel, and purchasing. Responds to subpoenas.

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Kathy Winarski, Assistant Director of Student Services Communications and Curriculum Management,, 2-3303
Responsible for the publication of all Student Services print and web-based publications.

David Ayers, Senior Communications & Curriculum Management Specialist,, 2-3667
Provides support to the Student Services team in the areas of publication, web integration, and staff training and development. Designs, implements, and maintains the Student Services website and social media accounts.

Joshua Bocher, Communications & Curriculum Management Specialist,, 2-1494
Responsibilities include supporting Student Services in the areas of web maintenance and design, print publications, new technologies, and social media presence.

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Student Information Services

Greg Keswick, Associate Director, Student Information Services,, 2-0728
Provides project management and business analysis for all facets of university student system projects. Directs activities related to the development, maintenance, and enhancement of current university academic and financial systems.

Joyce Mappes, Associate Director, Student Information Services,, 2-4966
Oversees daily operations of financial and academic systems, including the scheduling, execution, and distribution of Student Services computer production.

Dongning Bai, Op Scan Analyst and Student System Information Specialist,, 2-2159
Provides support to Student Services in the areas of electronic data exchange and computer production. Processes all inquires for ad hoc data reports.

Gillian Rolfsen, Student System Information Specialist,, 2-3397
Provides computer, data analytic support, and survey research for staff in Student Services.

Julie Zupan, Systems Support Anaylst (temporary), 2-4759
Manages the online course and advisor evaluation systems used by all students, faculty, and administrators. Provides implementation and post-implementation support for EagleApps projects. 

Jeff Beardsworth, Associate Director, Student Financial Systems,, 2-3324
Responsible for the research and analysis of Student Information Systems including business requirement definition and documentation, test strategy, plans, documentation, execution and reporting, project implementation, systems training and vendor, stakeholder and relationship management.

Brennan Harkin, Associate Business System Analyst,
Responsible for the research and analysis of Student Information Systems including business requirement definition and documentation, test strategy, plans, documentation, execution and reporting, project implementation, systems training and vendor, stakeholder and relationship management.

Daniel Higgins, Associate Business System Analyst,
Responsible for the research and analysis of Student Information Systems including business requirement definition and documentation, test strategy, plans, documentation, execution and reporting, project implementation, systems training and vendor, stakeholder and relationship management.

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Bursar and Operations Support

Chris Cordella, Bursar and Director, Operations,, 2-8645
Establishes policy, priorities, and direction for credit and collections, Information Services, student loans, and Student Services support areas.

Linda Malenfant, Associate Director, Student Accounts,, 2-0403
Responsible for implementing policy and procedures for Student Accounts and the Processing Support Area. Also responsible for recommending and implementing Student Account system changes. Ensures student accounts, payment systems, and billings are accurate and resolves any related issues.

Jenna Brown, Student Account Specialist,, 2-3323
Responsible for managing student account projects, including refund approvals, medical insurance set-up and maintenance, alternative loan account reconciliation, and managing parking permit issuance.

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Accounting and Cash Management Services

Marina Avetisyan, Accounting Specialist,, 2-2117
Responsible for campus loan accounting.

Pauline Inzodda, Student Loan Support Specialist,, 2-4871
Responsible for processing campus-based loans.

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Student Account Receivables

Manage caseloads for collection and hold activity. Provide information and counseling on payment and deferral options for tuition.

Kathy Rosa, Associate Director, Student Receivables,, 2-4992
​Responsible for managing the collection of tuition receivables, disbursement and collection of campus based student loans, cash processing, general accounting and reconciliation for the areas of student accounts and student loans. Responsible for undergraduate caseload (A-La) and Law School students.

Anthony Raymond, Loan Collection Specialist,, 2-3369
Oversees the collection of funds for the Campus Based Loan programs and assists with administration of the loan programs.

Ellen Zamecnik, Senior Credit and Collections Associate,, 2-4571
Responsible for graduate and WCAS students.

Derek Michaels, Credit and Collections Associate,, 2-0521​
Responsible for undergraduate caseload (Le-Z).

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Provide support for the Student Services team including but not limited to the following areas: grade processing, request refunds, research on credit card refunds, research on PYAs, change of status forms, medical insurance forms, waiving medical insurance, certification letters, loan certifications, ELM certification, return mail, Tuition Stabilization, and address changes on LMS.

Mark Schuman, Manager, Student Services Support,, 2-2629
Oversees all processing, coordinates, assigns, and assures timely completion of all projects.

Nicole Capobianco, Student Support Specialist,, 2-3157 (Supporting Student Employment)
Pamela Cugini-Giatras, Student Support Specialist,, 2-4868
Pam Fraser, Student Support Specialist,, 2-4946
James McCarron, Student Support Specialist,, 2-7101
Danny Ng, Student Support Specialist,, 2-3314 (Supporting Academic Transcript fulfillment)

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Academic Services

Kathy McGuinness, Interim University Registrar,, 2-4976
Oversees Academic Services and general financial and auxiliary services.

Kristen Songer, Associate Director, Academic Services,, 2-6389
Oversees records, transcripts, and room scheduling. Assists with registration, grades, and graduation.

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Academic Progress and Records Maintenance

Terry Lepore, Academic Records Specialist,, 2-4989
Manages academic records for the Graduate School of the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences, Carroll School of Management—Graduate Programs, Lynch School of Education—Graduate Programs, Boston College School of Social Work, and School of Theology and Ministry, cross-registration, and orders replacement diplomas.

Mary McCrosson, Academic Progress Analyst,, 2-4974
Manages academic records and degree audits for the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences and orders replacement diplomas.

Caitlin Walsh, Academic Records and Certification Specialist,, 2-4984
Manages academic records and degree audits for the Carroll School of Management, Woods College of Advancing Studies, Woods College of Advancing Studies—Graduate Programs, Connell School of Nursing, Connell School of Nursing—Graduate Programs, Lynch School of Education, and the Boston College Law School. Serves as the certification officer for all academic record inquiries and processes all forms from agencies and universities including the State and Federal Bar Association, Professional Licensure Boards, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Central Intelligence Agency.

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Course Scheduling

Terry Riordan, Course Administration Specialist,, 2-3304
Schedules University classroom space for courses, final examinations, and ad hoc classroom bookings. Controls allocation of course times. Assists in the administration of course enrollments.

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General Services

Agnes Jordan, Associate Director, General Service,, 2-1833

Cathy Samya, Manager, General Service,, 2-8126

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General Student Services Support

Provide academic, financial, and auxiliary services to students, staff, and families. Maintain compliance with FERPA, explain loan policies and procedures, provide services related to student employment, financial aid, student accounts, process IDs, requests for parking permits, and answer questions concerning meal plans. You may contact the general student services staff at 2-3300.

Matthew Meegan, Senior Student Services Associate,
Betina Rodriguez, Senior Student Services Associate,
Shimika Callender, Student Services Associate,
Shane Constantine, Student Services Associate,
Elissa Krasner, Student Services Associate,
Karen Livingston, Student Services Associate,
Iliya Yanachkov, Student Services Associate,

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Financial Aid

Advise students and their families on the financial aid process and sources of financial assistance that may be available to them. Meet with students and counsel them about loan indebtedness, as well as addressing their specific concerns about financial aid. Responsibilities also include a specialist role in at least one of the major financial areas: Pell, Alternative Loans, Campus-based Loans, FFELP/ELM, NSLDS, MA NIL, State Programs, Student Employment, Endowed Scholarships, IFAP, Athletics, liaison to specific departments outside of Student Services, and others as they arise. You may contact the financial aid staff at 2-3300.

Mary McGranahan, Director, Financial Aid,
Manages Financial Services, including financial aid and student employment.

Melissa Metcalf, Associate Director, Undergraduate Financial Aid,
Brian Swenson, Associate Director, Undergraduate Financial Aid,

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Undergraduate Financial Aid

Deborah Aaron, Senior Financial Aid Associate,
Michelle DiGioia, Senior Financial Aid Associate,
Kara Deckard, Financial Aid Associate,
Hilary Ferrie, Financial Aid Associate,
Angelica Fisichella, Financial Aid Associate,
Jeremiah Jefferson, Financial Aid Associate,
Wendy Langelier, Financial Aid Associate,
Erica Lewis, Financial Aid Associate,
Jon McCallie, Financial Aid Associate,
Melissa McKeon, Financial Aid Associate,
Susan McLaughlin, Financial Aid Associate,
Nick Rendon, Financial Aid Associate,

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Graduate Financial Aid and Student Employment

Robert Carpenter, Associate Director, Graduate Financial Aid and Student Employment,
Marsia Hill-Kreaime, Senior Financial Aid Associate,
Elaine Holloman, Financial Aid Associate,
Rosalyn Leshin, Staff Assistant,

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