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Woods College of Advancing Studies

Project Management

The Project Management sector is projected to grow by 6 millions jobs in the United States by 2020 and by an even greater number internationally. The critical skills and perspectives required by today’s project managers continue to evolve and expand as projects become increasingly complex and time more constrained.

The Project Management specialization at BC’s Woods College is designed to provide the adaptive management and problem-solving skills needed to succeed in this exciting field. Students will learn how to effectively plan projects using agile approaches to achieve high quality outcomes while managing and mitigating risk. The program will further develop team management skills in balancing the competing demands of a variety of work and thought styles of the various stakeholders involved in a project.
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This specialization is designed to strengthen contextual knowledge and enhance student perspectives. With a curriculum grounded in the Ignatian tradition, you will learn how to approach professional decisions with discernment and ethical sensitivity.

Graduates will go on to apply their versatile skill set within a wide range of professional domains—including information technology, healthcare management, cyber security, and more. 

"Professor Musserian (Agile Methodologies) is absolutely amazing.
I look forward to class every week and have already applied different techniques that I have learned to my current projects. 
She ties everything back to the "real world" so you can successfully apply what you have learned. It shows how much industry knowledge she really has and takes it to another level.  I feel so privileged to be in her class.  She makes you want to be the best project manager you can be!  She is truly a professional in every way."  

- Amy Harrington, Project Management Certificate Student


ADGR 8201 Applied Techniques, Software & Reporting:
Tues, beginning 8/29/17, 6:30-9pm    
ADGR TBD Risk Management/Quality Management
Tues, beginning 1/16/18, 6:30-9pm; Hybrid 
ADGR 8203 Stakeholder Management and Procurement:
Thurs, beginning 8/31/17, 6:30-9pm; Hybrid
ADGR TBD Agile Methodologies
Thurs, beginning 1/18/18, 6:30-9pm; Hybrid 

How to Apply

Alumni who have graduated from the MS in Leadership & Administration program within the previous 12 months are not required to complete the entire certificate application. To be considered for the Project Management certificate, please submit the Certificate Intent Form.  Your form will be reviewed by the Program Director prior to being granted entrance into the certificate.

New Students:
Below are the official admissions requirements for this program:

  • Online application
  • Academic transcripts
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college/university (minimum GPA 3.0)*
  • Personal Statement (500 - 750 words)
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Resume (optional)
  • Application fee ($45 check or money order payable to Boston College - Please do not send cash)

* Applicants whose undergraduate GPA falls below 3.0 will be considered for admission. Applications will be considered in light of other factors, including letters of reference and personal statement.  

Application Deadlines

Applications for Professional Studies Certificates are accepted on a rolling basis. 

The estimated total tuition for this program is $9,600.

Tuition for Woods College programs is assessed by course. Please see Boston College Tuitions and Fees for more details.

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