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Woods College of Advancing Studies

The Woods College Manresa Experience


Established in fall 2017, the Woods College Manresa Experience is a Common Formation Experience for Woods College students, encouraging them to engage in and foster their professional, personal and spiritual discernment.

Seven Woods College courses intergrated into their classes the content and message of the nonfiction book, The Red Bandanna: A Life, a Choice, a Legacy. The Red Bandanna details the life and death of Welles Crowther, a ‘99 BC graduate and varsity lacrosse player.  On September 11, 2001, Welles died a hero, saving the lives of others and becoming known as “the Man in the Red Bandanna.”

The book’s content will be integrated into classes, with attention to interdisciplinary applications.  A common reading guide with discussion questions will be provided.

Students engaged in the Manresa Experience, as well as any Woods College students, will be invited to participate in campus wide events that bring together the Boston College community and specifically the Woods College community:

Two students from each class will be designated as a Woods Manresa Scholar.  The scholar will be asked to engage in a scholar/mentor lunch with Dean Burns and other Boston College staff.

About Boston College & the Manresa Experience

Boston College is a Jesuit, Catholic University.  Jesuits are members of The Society of Jesus, a Roman Catholic order of priests founded by St. Ignatius Loyola.  Manresa is a small town in Spain where St. Ignatius spent ten months of his life spending hours in solitary prayer and working at a hospice.  While in Manresa, St. Ignatius began to discern which thoughts and desires were leading him towards greater love of God and service to others, and which were distractions to his spiritual growth.

“While he was sitting there the eyes of his mind started to open. Not that he saw a vision, but he understood and came to know many things with such a great enlightenment that everything was new to him”Autobiography of St. Ignatius of Loyola, on Manresa

Common themes/questions explored throughout the Experience will include:

  • Career discernment/what is my vocation, calling, and purpose?
  • What does it mean to be a Boston College student/to graduate from Boston College?
  • How do we incorporate faith formation/faith in our decisions?

Faculty and courses for fall 2017

  • Psychology of Health & Healing – Loretta Butehorn, Tuesdays
  • Modern History I – Martin Menke, Thursdays
  • The Craft of Writing – Ted Murphy, Saturdays
  • Introduction to College Writing – Anne Pluto, Tuesdays
  • Public Speaking – Claudia Pouravelis, Tuesdays
  • Literary Works – Dustin Rutledge, Wednesdays
  • Introduction to Christian Theology – Joshua Snyder, Tuesdays