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Carroll School of Management


The objectives of the undergraduate concentration are to develop managers who can:

  • Understand how to analyze the linkages between information technology (IT), innovation, business strategy, and competitive advantage
  • Possess the technical skills (related to programming and databases) and managerial concepts needed to effectively plan, develop, and implement IT
  • Understand how to promote more effective use of IT in organizations, taking into how IT aligns with an organization's strategic focus, culture, business processes, etc.
  • Appreciate the broader ethical and societal implications of the burgeoning application of information technologies
All Information Systems students take:
  • ISYS 1021 Computers in Management
The following three courses are required for the IS concentration:
  • ISYS 2157 Introduction to Programming for Management (or CSCI 1101 or ISYS 2160)
  • ISYS 3257 Database Systems and Applications
  • ISYS 4258 Systems Analysis and Design
  • One additional ISYS course level 1000 or above
Electives include:
  • ISYS 2160 Special Topics: Swift/iOS App Development (If not taken to replace ISYS 2157)
  • ISYS 2267 Technology and Culture
  • ISYS 3161/MKTG 3161 Customer Relationship Management
  • ISYS 3205/MKTG 3205 TechTrek West
  • ISYS 3215 Technology & Economic Development (with Ghana field study)
  • ISYS 3253/MKTG 3253 E-Commerce
  • ISYS 3345/MGMT 3345 Managing for Social Impact
  • ISYS 2255/OPER 2255 Managing Projects
  • ISYS 3266 Technology and Society
  • ISYS 3315 Management of Innovation
  • ISYS 3340/MKTG 3340 Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • ISYS 6618/ACCT 6618 Accounting Information Systems
  • ISYS 6620 Marketing Information Analytics
  • ISYS 6621/MKTG 6621 Social Media for Management
  • ISYS 6635 New Media Industries
  • ISYS 6640 Analytics and Business Intelligence

 A brochure detailing the Information Systems Undergraduate concentration is available for download



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