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Advising within the Carroll School is coordinated by the Office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduates. The questions and concerns that you have as a freshman student are very different from ones you will have during senior year. As such, advising at the Carroll School is done through a team advising model that changes each year as your advising needs change.

There are many decisions that you need to make during college. What should I study? Where should I go abroad? What type of internship would be a good fit for me? With so many questions and considerations, there is no single advisor who has all the answers. Instead, we offer a team of faculty advisors, deans, staff, and peers who work with Carroll School undergraduates. Your advising team may include your faculty advisor, a member of the dean's office staff, a peer advisor, a career specialist, and others. 

Successful advising is a reciprocal process. In this section, we will cover the resources available to you each year but we remind you that you have a responsibility to seek out the answers to your questions. Remember, no one is more interested in your success than you, so seek out the many available resources that are available to you.

First year students are transitioning to college and have to adapt to a range of new experiences, both in and out of the classroom. To be successful, you have to learn about the resources available to you at Boston College. Luckily, you have intensive course-based advising through Portico.


  • Portico Professor: All Carroll School freshmen are assigned a faculty advisor, who is also your Portico instructor.  In addition to regular class meetings, you will meet with your Portico instructor for a variety of advising matters. In the spring semester, you will continue to meet with your advisor to discuss class selection, choosing your concentration, and any other academic and co-curricular questions. 
  • Portico Teaching Assistants: In addition to your Portico instructors, freshmen also have access to two Teaching Assistants who are Carroll School upperclassmen. The Teaching Assistants mentor first year students both in and out of the classroom.
  • Dean's Coffee

In your sophomore year, you will start to explore the concentrations and whether or not you will have any majors or minors outside of the Carroll School. You will also start thinking about studying abroad and the many considerations that will shape your decision—where to go, when to go, what to study. Using the 4-Year Course Plan that you created in Portico, you will be able to map out how this will all fit into your schedule. Outside of the classroom, you are probably continuing to get involved in clubs and activities and may start taking on leadership roles.


  • Faculty Advisor: You will have an assigned individual faculty advisor in the Carroll School. Most sophomores are still exploring their concentration options so your faculty advisor assigned to you might not be in your concentration area. Ask them for their perspective on how to take full advantage of college and what advice they can offer from their own experience.
  • Peer Advisors
  • Staff Advisors
  • Dean's Coffee
  • Office of International Programs: If you are interested in studying abroad, the best place to start is to stop by the Office of International Programs at the Hovey House to meet with an Advising Assistant.
  • Career Exploration Resources: Sophomore year is a good time to start reflecting on your strengths and interests and learn about career path options. Resources for this process include the Career CenterHalftime Retreat, and our own career advisors: Amy Donegan, Assistant Dean, and Kristen Nervo, Assistant Director. Many students participate in the Sophomore Accelerator program which is offered two times a year.

As you move into the junior year, your advising needs are more specific. You are becoming more involved in your concentration studies and might even be studying abroad. In your junior year, you will consider career paths more seriously and start looking for internships. Using the network of advisors, you can reach out to a wide variety of resources that can help you with your specific concerns.


  • Faculty Advisor: Similar to your sophomore year, you will be assigned an individual faculty advisor with whom you can meet throughout the academic year. 
  • Academic Departments: In junior year, you will have many questions about your concentration courses and are encouraged to seek the advice of professors within your concentration departments.  During course registration in the fall, some departments may offer large group  advising programs or some opportunities to meet with faculty individually.
  • Staff Advisors
  • Career Resources: As you begin to think more deeply about jobs, careers and vocational interests, we encourage you to meet with the Carroll School's career advisors: Amy Donegan, Assistant Dean, and Kristen Nervo, Assistant Director.  In addition, the Career Center’s resources, particularly EagleLink and UCAN, will be very helpful to you in your internship search.
  • Peer Advisors
  • Dean's Coffee

The recruiting season begins as early as September of your senior year. As soon as you return to campus in the fall, most of you will be very focused on the job search. Beyond this, you are deep in your concentration courses and are working to successfully complete all your graduation requirements.

  • Faculty: You are no longer assigned an individual faculty advisor because by senior year, you have built relationships with professors who you have had in class.  We encourage you to seek out the faculty you know for advice regarding your specific area of study.
  • Career Resources: You will be using On-Campus Recruiting and EagleLink as well as the Career Center’s workshops and events for the job search process. Seniors also have the opportunity to meet with the Carroll School’s career advisors: Amy Donegan, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Career Advising, and Kristen Nervo, Assistant Director. 
  • Staff Advisors
  • Dean’s Coffee
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