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Carroll School of Management

Meet Your Peer Advisors

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The EY Peer Advisors are seniors in the Carroll School who have been carefully selected to yield a group with a variety of backgrounds, academic concentrations, and experiences to provide an on-the-ground perspective for underclassmen. They are available to help their classmates with course recommendations, recruiting and internship process, interview preparation and resources, study abroad, and extracurricular activities.

All drop-in hours are in Fulton 315. Please see the Fall 2017 schedule below.

peer advisor schedule

Meet Peer Advisor Joseph

Joseph the Peer Advisor

Joseph is a double concentrator in Marketing and Information Systems. He studied abroad in Venice, Italy as well as Dublin, Ireland. This past summer, he interned at MullenLowe MediaHub. He works as a student manager for the BC men’s basketball team while also being part of Coaching Corps. His favorite thing about the Carroll School is the Dean’s Coffee on Wednesday afternoons. Joseph's advice for younger students is to mix electives in with their core classes, instead of saving it all for senior year. Fun fact: In 4th grade he wrote a song that was performed by the band The Mavericks at the Country Music Hall of Fame. Soon after the band broke up, whether he was responsible for this or not is yet to be determined.

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Meet Peer Advisor Conor

Conor the Peer Advisor

Conor is a double concentrator in Finance and Marketing. In his junior year, Conor studied abroad in London at Queen Mary University.  Following his time abroad, Conor had a summer internship at Bank of America Merrill Lynch as an analyst in the Private Banking and Investment Group. Conor volunteered through the 4Boston program at Tenacity and was part of the Boston College Portfolio Challenge. His favorite thing about the Carroll School is how approachable and passionate each professor is about their students’ learning. He urges current underclassmen to find campus organizations they are passionate about and devote time into them.  Fun fact: Conor once outran a deer.

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Meet Peer Advisor Connor

Peer Advisor Connor

Connor is a double concentrator in Finance and Economics while also minoring in History. He interned as a management consultant at PWC over the summer. Connor is involved in the online publication "The Rock at BC," University Chorale, Carroll School case competitions and is also a tour guide via the Student Admission Program. He urges younger Carroll School students to take advantage of the multitude of classroom activities provided by the school, from networking events to speakers coming to campus. The school’s small environment let Connor get to know his professors and fellow students quite well.  Fun fact: Connor works in his family’s bakery when he’s home from school.

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Meet Peer Advisor Alicia

Alicia the Peer Advisor

Alicia is concentrating in Accounting while also majoring in Hispanic Studies in the Morrissey School of Arts and Sciences. She studied abroad in Quito, Ecuador, at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito and interned last summer at EY in their assurance department. She is part of Females Incorporating Sisterhood Through Step (F.I.S.T.S.) and the Student Organization Funding Committee (SOFC) on campus. Alicia appreciates the wealth of internship and job opportunities provided by the Carroll School and has never been short of events to go to or people to talk to regarding her Accounting concentration. She urges younger students, rather than fear rejection, look at all of your opportunities as chances to learn and grow, and find a motto to remind yourself of that. For about a year now she has been saying NVNG: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained. Telling herself NVNG in class, before applying to internships, etc. has allowed her to worry less, embrace rejection, and ultimately gain more. Fun fact: Alicia has eaten both guinea pig and alpaca (not llama as pictured here.)

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Meet Peer Advisor Gabbie

Gabbie the Peer Advisor

Gabbie concentrates in Finance while also minoring in Art History. She studied abroad in Rome, Italy last year and interned as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst at Barclays. She is part of the Carroll School Honors program, Jenks Leadership program and is an Information Systems Department Teaching Assistant. Her favorite thing about the school is the professors, who are always willing to help inside and outside of the classroom and urges her younger colleagues to ask upperclassmen for advice.  "Upperclassmen are some of your best resources and know exactly what it was like to be in your shoes." Fun fact: Gabbie is part of a huge family - her dad has 70 first cousins who live in her town.

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Meet Peer Advisor Julia

Julia the Peer Advisor

Julia concentrates in Finance at Boston College, and spent a semester abroad in Seville, Spain during her junior year. She interned in marketing at CubeSmart and advisory at EY. Julia is an active member of the Women in Business and Start@Shea and is involved in the Senior Week Committee. She is a big fan of the industry speakers who visit the school and the free company swag they give out. She urges younger Carroll School students to use their four year trajectory to plan ahead! Fun fact: Julia used to volunteer at a prison.

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Meet Peer Advisor Michael

Michael the Peer Advisor

Michael concentrates in Finance, with a pre-law track and also minors in Chinese. He’s interned at The Fallon Company and KPMG during his time at BC. Michael is part of the Men’s Club Lacrosse team and the Best Buddies program. His favorite thing about the Carroll School is the way the school tailors the student’s education towards success in their chosen career paths. Michael advises underclassmen to not be afraid to seek help as professors are always willing to help you understand a given topic and can be valuable mentors. Fun fact: Michael wants to live in Switzerland or Germany someday! 

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Meet Peer Advisor Miles

Miles the Peer Advisor

Miles is a double concentration in Accounting and Finance.  This past summer, he interned at PNC Bank. Miles is a club basketball player, a staff member of the intramural program and part of the student staff advisory board for the Flynn Recreation Center. His favorite thing about the Carroll School is the availability of professors to help outside of class as well as the extensive work BC does in bringing in alumni from companies to build a network. He advisors his younger colleagues to start reaching out to faculty early and build relationships with your professors. Fun fact: Miles is likely the only Jacksonville Jaguars fan on campus.

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Meet Peer Advisor Sarah

Sarah the Peer Advisor

Sarah is a Operations Management concentrator and Medical Humanities, Health, and Culture minor. She studied abroad at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and interned in operations at Next Street Financial. Sarah is a Trip Leader for Appalachia Volunteers of BC, Managing Editor for Medical Humanities Journal of BC, Administrative Assistant for director of Medical Humanities minor and a volunteer at Doc Wayne Youth Services, Inc. She enjoys how the Carroll School differentiates itself from other undergraduate business schools by incorporating Jesuit ideals into its curriculum.  Courses strive to teach students how to be men and women for others in the business sector. She urges younger students to not feel pressure to fit the stereotypical "CSOM" mold.  "There is no perfect algorithm to being a Carroll School student.  In fact, if you differentiate yourself by joining different clubs, adding interesting minors, etc. not only will it help you be well rounded, but it may help you find out what niche of business you want to go into." Fun fact: Sarah’s family name is Scottish and she was able to visit the Ramsey Clan’s Castle, which has been in the family for over 800 years.

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Meet Peer Advisor Katie

Katie the Peer Advisor

Katie is a double concentrator in Finance and Information Systems. She studied abroad in Parma, Italy in her junior year and interned at General Electric as an FMP. She is part of Appalachia Volunteers and Sub Turri Yearbook Committee on campus. Katie's favorite part of the Carroll School is the professors and she admires the care they show for their students. She urges students starting out to be open to all concentrations and even other majors/minors and recommends they use the core classes to narrow down what you want to concentrate, major, or minor in. Fun fact: Katie was also a gymnast for 18 years.

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Meet Peer Advisor Taylor


Taylor is a double concentrator in Marketing and Information Systems. She studied abroad in Seville, Spain and interned as a Presidential Associate with Estée Lauder. She is part of Women in Business and is a group fitness spin instructor on campus. Her favorite thing about the Carroll School is the huge network of amazing people, professors, and faculty, that are so willing to go the extra mile for you. She advises younger students to "not feel pressured to commit to a set major or concentration freshman year because it is so hard to know exactly what you like. Take the time instead to explore different classes and what you find interesting; this can help you find out what you are most passionate about. Follow the path towards things that excite you and don't be afraid to take an unconventional route, different than the typical CSOM one you might hear about." Fun fact: Taylor is a die-hard Seahawks fan despite living in Patriots territory.

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Meet Peer Advisor Zach

Zach the Peer Advisor

Zach is a double concentrator in Information Systems and Business Analytics. He studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland during his junior year and recently interned at PwC in technology advisory. On campus, Zach is part of the Consulting Club, Information Systems Academy and the Shea Center for Entrepreneurship.  This year he will also be a Teaching Assistant for the Operations Management. His favorite thing about the Carroll School is the access to world class professors.  Zach's advice to underclassmen is to "diversify yourself and get involved in as many fun things as possible." Fun fact: Since the age of 7, Zach has been a photographer.

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