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Advancing Choice and Control for Peaople Living with Disabilities

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NRCPDS transitions to Applied Self-Direction

October 2016

We are excited to announce that the National Resource Center for Participant-Directed Services (NRCPDS) is moving to Applied Self Direction.  (Please note that some NRCPDS research projects will continue at Boston College.)


Applied Self Direction is an organization that NRCPDS staff, led by founding director Kevin Mahoney, were instrumental in creating over 2 years ago. Applied Self Direction is led by Mollie Murphy, a long-time self direction expert of the NRCPDS. The intent of creating Applied Self Direction was to house the critical work of promoting self direction. The mission of Applied Self Direction is to promote self direction so individuals have the choice and control to live the lives they want.


To learn more about Applied Self Direction, please visit our new website:

International Learning Exchange

September 2016

This Open Forum describes a September 2015 international learning exchange meeting in which experts in self-direction and mental health from seven nations convened for sharing best practices, discussing challenges, and laying the groundwork for a learning community to support the continued development of self-direction.


Click Here for the Psychiatric Services Journal Article

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