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Retired Faculty

Welcome to the Boston College Association of Retired Faculty Website

Message From the Association President


Welcome members and guests to the website of the Boston College Association of Retired Faculty (BCARF). With the encouragement and support of the Academic Vice President and with the endorsement of the University President, BCARF started operations in 2003.  At every step of the planning process, the declared interests and wishes of retired faculty have remained the foremost consideration. 

We hope this website will help us continue to maintain a dialogue with all interested faculty, help you get to know us and to solicit and encourage your input and participation. 

Please enjoy looking through our website.  Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

If you have any questions about the Association of Retired Faculty, please feel free to send me an email.

Thank you

Paul Spagnoli



(For more information, select the "Activities and Events" menu on the left.)


Program Meetings are held at 117 Lake Street, Room 113 (the auditorium of the Theology and Ministry Library), on the Brighton Campus.

Seminars are held in the St. Clement's Hall, 201 Foster St., Room S415, on the Brighton Campus.

Book Club Meetings are held in the St. Clement's Hall, 201 Foster St., Room S425 (Donovan Room), on the Brighton Campus.

Note on parking for activities in St. Clement’s Hall:

There is parking for half a dozen cars without BC stickers, and with a ninety-minute limit, in the semicircular driveway in front of the north wing of St. Clement’s.   For cars with BC stickers, there is parking available in the two lots north of St. Clement’s off Foster St. 

If you do not have a BC sticker, you may park in either of those locations, but to avoid parking tickets it is best to leave a note on your windshield indicating that you are retired BC faculty, attending a BCARF function or using the BC Association of Retired Faculty office, St. Clement’s 425S.

Unless you have an A or M sticker, do not park in the lot directly in front of the south wing of St. Clement’s.  The parking restriction in this lot is rigorously enforced.