What do sports, social justice, and Harry Potter have in common? All three were popular themes on Boston College social media channels this past academic year, garnering thousands of comments, likes, and shares. Here are the top 10 social posts of 2017-18:

1. August 31, 2017: Welcome Home, Eagles

Boston College welcomed new and returning students to campus with a video showcasing the moments leading up to the first day of the academic year. Featuring: suitcases, smiles, and a whole lot of hugs.

2. September 6, 2017: Fr. William Leahy defends DACA

In a statement that reached thousands, Boston College President William P. Leahy expressed disappointment over the Administration’s plan to rescind Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, commonly known as DACA. The decision “conflicts with our values and heritage as a nation of immigrants,” Leahy wrote.

3. September 11, 2017: Remembering 9/11

A labyrinth

The BC community paused to remember the 22 alumni who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks with a post listing their names alongside a photograph of the 9/11 memorial labyrinth.

4. September 18, 2017: Students injured in Marseille

More than 3,000 people reacted to an update on four BC students involved in an acid attack while studying abroad in France. The students, who decided to remain in Europe after the attack, offered forgiveness to the woman who sprayed them with an acid solution outside a train station.

5. October 20, 2017: March against Racism

A large group of people holding signs

Powerful photographs portrayed the thousands of BC students, faculty, and administrators who participated in a student-led march across campus protesting racism in any form.

6. November 7, 2017: Netflix connection

Fans of the Netflix drama “Mindhunter” were surprised to learn that main character Wendy Carr was actually based on Boston College Connell School of Nursing Prof. Ann Burgess. A pioneer in the study of trauma victims, Burgess collaborated with the FBI in the 1970s. 

7. December 9, 2017: BC basketball beats No. 1 Duke

Undefeated no more! A video of the Eagles’ impressive 89-84 victory over top-ranked Duke reached more than 100,000 viewers.

8. December 15, 2017: Boston College Awaits

Admitted early-action students were welcomed to Boston College with a video capturing the many facets of college life on Chestnut Hill. “This campus will become your home; this city, your backyard. Congratulations, Class of 2022.”

9. February 22, 2018: Eagle Olympians win gold

Team USA posing with gold medals and the flag

When the U.S. women’s ice hockey team beat out Canada to win its first Olympic gold medal in 20 years, five BC student-athletes, past and present were on the ice for Team USA. A photo and news coverage of the players garnered well-deserved praise from hundreds of Eagles across the country.

10. March 23, 2018: Special delivery

A Harry Potter-themed admission video traveled well outside the realm of admitted students, reaching more than half a million viewers. The project featured magical scenes shot on the Boston College campus and cast faculty and staff as characters from J.K. Rowling’s beloved fantasy novels.

Bonus: May 31, 2018: A moment in time

Congratulations Class of 2018! A commencement video featured the newly minted graduates along with some words of advice from Campus Minister Michael Davidson, SJ: “Bloom where you are planted, live lives of purpose, live lives of passion, live lives of change.”

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