Undergraduate Concentration and Study Abroad

Concentration in Finance

All required finance core courses and select elective (#1-#4) must be taken in Carroll School only.


1.  MFIN 1021 - Basic Finance (prerequisite: ACCT1021)

2.  MFIN 1127 - Corporate Finance (prerequisite: MFIN1021)

3.  MFIN 1151 - Investments (prerequisite: MFIN1021)

4.  1 Elective from the following list* (courses listed below must be taken in CSOM)

  • MFIN2202: Derivatives & Risk Management
  • MFIN2205: Corporate Financial Strategies
  • MFIN2225: Financial Policy
  • MFIN2230: International Finance (this does not include MFIN6616)
  • MFIN2235: Investment Banking
  • MFIN2250: Fixed Income Analysis

5. At least 1 Elective from any MFIN^ course offered outside of the required courses or another from the set list above.

 * Not every course will be offered each semester. Additional courses may be added to set list in the future.  Please pay careful attention to prerequisites which are listed in "Course Information & Schedule" in Agora. 

^ All MFIN66XX electives require senior status and permission from the Department.  This requires that seniors visit with Prof. Elliott Smith in Fulton 330B to seek approval, giving consideration to the student's successful completion of the required prerequisites.


Beginning with the class of 2019, Financial Statement Analysis ACCT3351 will no longer count as a finance elective

Study Abroad for Finance Majors

All students wishing to study abroad must first meet with an advisor in the Office of International Programs (OIP)

If accepted into the study abroad program and approved by Richard Keeley, Associate Dean of the Undergraduate Program (Fulton 315), the student should then contact either the Department Chairperson, Ronnie Sadka (Fulton 560C) or Elliott Smith (Fulton 330B), by email or in person, with all supporting documentation (course description, detailed syllabus, etc.) for elective course approvals. 

Any requested finance elective abroad must be equivalent to an undergraduate finance elective taught at BC.

In the rare circumstance where course selection is only available upon arrival at the university, you must email the course syllabus to either the Department Chairman, Ronnie Sadka (Fulton 560C) or Elliott Smith (Fulton 330B) before enrolling in the course in order to obtain approval.  The Finance Department will send a confirming email to you approving the course for credit if deemed a suitable equivalent to an undergraduate finance elective course taught at BC.

The Finance Department requires that Financial Accounting (ACCT1021) and Basic Finance (MFIN1021) be taken at Boston College as prerequisites for any finance elective prior to going abroad.  All required finance concentration core courses must be taken in CSOM only.


No approvals will be granted after the course has been completed.

Independent Study


Prerequisites: Corporate Finance (MFIN1127), Investments (MFIN1151) and senior status. 


  1. The student must be of senior status with a finance concentration and completed the above noted prerequisites;
  2. The student must demonstrate both an extremely strong interest in a particular area of finance and a a strong self-motivation and self-discipline in previous studies;
  3. The topic and area of research may not overlap with any undergraduate finance elective offering;
  4. The request to undertake an Independent Study may not be associated with an existing internship program;
  5. No less than a five-page abstract that details the area of research, hypotheses, and methodology to be employed must be presented to the full-time professor for his/her consideration, prior to his or her approval to supervise the project, along with the Independent Study Approval Form.
  6. A full-time faculty member has agreed to direct and supervise your course of study;
  7. The finance department chairman, Ronnie Sadka, has approved the request for an Independent Study.