The Connell School has a longstanding tradition of research and our faculty are dedicated to scholarly inquiry in a variety of areas, from the science of sleep to interventions with vulnerable populations. 

Research at CSON examines the complex problems of health and health care, proposing new ideas and solutions to advance nursing science and improve lives. Our faculty scholars have been awarded research grants from prominent foundations and federal and state agencies—most notably the National Institutes of Health. 

CSON's scientific mission: To develop and disseminate knowledge for the advancement of professional nursing practice and the improvement of health and health care for a diverse global society.

CSON Pillars of Innovation

Health Equity for Women & Children

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Focal areas of research under this pillar of innovation include maternal-child health, inequities in access and health outcomes, adolescent wellness and risk behaviors, sexual health, sexual and gender minority health, and feeding difficulty in infants and young children.

Person- & Family-Oriented Aging

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Major areas of science under this pillar of innovation include aging and gerontology, self-management of acute and chronic illness, patient and care partner dyads and caregiving, culturally tailored interventions to prevent illness, and palliative care.

Safety & Quality of Care

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Areas of emphasis under this pillar include patient safety, health services research, workforce development, outcomes related to quality of nursing care, healthcare decision-making, ethics, and realigning healthcare to match patient values.

Faculty Research

Learn from those committed to the highest standards of teaching, research, and the pursuit of a just society.

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