Theatre Major

To receive a Bachelor of Arts in Theater from Boston College a student must complete: a) six required foundation courses; b) a minimum of six elective courses; and c) a minimum of six production labs.

The Foundation

These three-credit courses in theater study and theater practice provide a solid general education and establish the basis for advanced work. Ideally, a student will complete them by the end of their sophomore year. The six foundation courses are:

  • THTR 1172: Dramatic Structure and Theatrical Process. Students unable to register for this class may substitute it for a section of THTR 1170: Introduction to Theatre.
  • THTR 1101: Acting I: Fundamentals of Performance
  • THTR 1130: Elements of Theater Production I
  • THTR 1140: Elements of Theater Production II (Pre-Requisite THTR 1130)
  • THTR 2275: History of Theater I
  • THTR 2285: History of Theater II
  • Two upper level Literature, History and Criticism category
  • Two courses in performance and production
  • Two electives

Production Labs

Labs involve direct work on Theatre Department productions as a member of a preparation crew or a running crew. Majors will complete a total of six labs. Most labs are worth one credit, some earn two credits.