Photos by Christopher Huang

Boston College freshmen and sophomores uncertain about their choice of major or career path will participate in the second annual Envision program on April 6 in O’Connell House. Organized by the Career Center, Envision offers students an opportunity to reflect on their time at Boston College and consider how their experiences could relate to a future career.

The University Academic Advising Center, Office of Pre-Health Programs, Learning to Learn program, and Montserrat Office are partnering with the Career Center to present Envision.

“We know that students experience a lot of changes and challenges early in the academic career, and that many of them are already feeling some stress and pressure related to career decisions,” said Rachel Greenberg, director of career education and strategy for the Career Center. “Envision provides a comfortable and fun space for first- and second-year students to hear from peers, reflect on their own BC experience thus far, and imagine what their future could look like if they truly consider what brings them joy and what they are good at.”

Students sit outside during 2018 'Envision' program

Students participating in the 2018 Envision program.

Envision is among a suite of career planning and discernment programs created in recent years by the Career Center with other BC offices. Others include Endeavor, an intensive career exploration program for sophomores studying the liberal arts, and Launch, through which juniors and seniors can explore their skills and values, understand hiring timelines for their fields of interest, and hear valuable job search insights and tips from recruiters and young alumni.

At Envision, peer career coaches from the Career Center will lead small groups of fellow BC students in exercises pertaining to career exploration and personal goals and share stories about their own path to selecting a major or career.

“We hope to encourage students to embrace the uncertainty they feel and use their curiosity to explore different paths,” said Katelyn Forrest ’19, a peer career coach and Envision leader. “Envision might help make them think about their personal career development earlier and start engaging with the Career Center earlier.”

Participants will depart from Envision with new connections, a better understanding of the many resources and opportunities at BC, and a personal action plan they have created to guide them toward achieving their goals, according to organizers.

Gaven Giampalmi ’21, a participant in last year’s inaugural program, is thankful for his experience with Envision. “I wanted to take some time to reflect on what I really wanted to do with my life and that meant finding out what I liked, what I was good at, and what the world needed. Envision provided this for me and I could not have been more satisfied with the program.”

—Christine Balquist | University Communications | April 2019