Resources for Attorneys

Practice Advisories

"Post-Departure Motions to Reopen or Reconsider" (February 2016)

Mentally Incompetent But Deported Anyway: Strategies for Helping a Mentally Ill Client Return to the United States (issued September 2015): This Practice Advisory does not discuss the Franco-Gonzalez settlement agreement. A separate Practice Advisory discussing that settlement is now available.

Reopening a Case for the Mentally Incompetent in Light of Franco-Gonzalez v. Holder (November 2015)

"Roadmap to Assessing a Post-Deportation Case" (June 2015)

"False Claims to U.S. Citizenship: Consequences and Possible Defenses" (issued July 2014, updated Nov. 2014 to reflect new BIA precedent decision)

"Seeking a Judicial Stay of Removal in the Court of Appeals" (January 2014): A template stay motiontemplate declaration in support of stay motion, and guidelines for letters of support are also available.

"Equitable Tolling of Motions to Reopen" (December 2013)

"The Possible Impact of the Supreme Court's Windsor Decision on Individuals Previously Removed" (July 2013)

"Returning to the United States Following Removal: A Guide to Non-Immigrant Visas" (2009)

Practice Advisory by National Immigration Project, Legal Action Center, and Immigrant Rights Clinic at NYU on "Return to the United States After Prevailing on a Petition for Review or Motion to Reopen or Reconsider"