About the Carroll School

Leading with Purpose

How do you become an expert in your chosen field, able to think broadly and creatively with a passion for lifelong learning? At the Carroll School of Management, we help students find the answers every day—with our dual focus on dedicated teaching and top-level research by a world-renowned faculty.

Carroll School professors are at the forefront of their fields, globally recognized scholars who stand out in their disciplines and innovate in the classroom. Our students enjoy personal interaction with faculty and engage the realities of today’s business world through distinctive courses, experiential learning, and service to others.

We prepare students with the resources, vision, knowledge, and skills to form meaningful careers and help others to excel—all within the context of a Jesuit Catholic university that prioritizes intellectual inquiry and critical analysis. Carroll School graduates emerge as leaders who apply fresh ideas and ethical perspectives to the most pressing challenges of the 21st century.


The Carroll School of Management educates undergraduates preparing for careers in management, graduate students aspiring to greater responsibilities in a complex global economy, and practitioners and executives seeking renewed vision and new skills for that economy. Vigorous teaching and learning, and research that advances business theory and enhances management practice are crucial means to these ends. Our current efforts are a partnership of students, faculty, staff, the business community, and the broader academic community. We seek and value the support and counsel of our alumni and the wider business community. We aspire to be an effective and caring organization for our immediate community, and we strive to direct all our efforts for the service of the many communities—local, national, and global—which sustain us.


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Teaching Quality

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We create the conditions for students to soar. We challenge them academically, and give them numerous opportunities to apply their knowledge to the real world. We expose them to big ideas, encouraging them to pursue their passions and inspiring them to become lifelong learners. Here, they work with great faculty, top-notch students, and other experts every step of the way.
Andy Bonyton, John and Linda Powers Family Dean, Carroll School of Management

A Different Kind of Business Education

Ethically informed leadership, relentless inquiry, continuous development as a well-rounded person—these values have always been at the core of the Jesuit liberal arts tradition, and they animate the Carroll School’s top-tier management education. 


Why the Carroll School?