Preparing for the 150-hour CPA exam requirement? Want to master the cornerstones of reliable reporting infrastructures in pursuit of your MBA? No matter where you are in your Boston College experience or career, the Carroll School Accounting Department readies you to manage, thrive, and lead in the accounting industry.

Business Law & Society

In the Business Law & Society Department, students examine the nuances—and impact—of law within all functional areas of management while developing critical thinking skills.


Rigorous training, innovative research, and access to preeminent faculty highlight our department, which is consistently ranked among the top 15 in the country by U.S. News & World Report. Our dynamic curriculum prepares students to meet quantitative and analytical challenges in both the business and academic fields.

Information Systems

Making up the largest portion of capital spending among U.S. corporations, information systems revolutionize industries, empower individuals and firms, and dramatically reduce costs. Because information systems are the lifeblood of the modern enterprise, we ensure our graduates can fulfill organizations’ needs for well-trained specialists and technology-savvy managers.

Management & Organization

Why do individuals and groups behave the way they do? How can managers make the most out of everyone in an organization and inspire them to thrive? Our Management & Organization Department focuses on the human components of business—how to effectively develop and implement strategies for all types of organizations.


This highly dynamic discipline thrives on change—change in customer attitudes, economies, demographics, industries, technology, society, and culture. It’s the driving force in sustaining meaningful and valuable customer relationships, developing new markets, building distinguished brands, and creating successful public and private enterprises.

Operations Management

Our Operations Management Department prepares students to pursue careers in consulting, finance, healthcare, retail, transportation, human resources, computer science, marketing, technology, government, and the nonprofit world.