Message from the Chairperson

The study of accounting is the study of a language that describes how capital is allocated and managed.  In our increasingly globalized economy, this language of business is becoming even more important as capital flows across borders. The role of  accountants is central in the management of business, assessment of performance, and reporting key data to investors, regulators and other members of society.

BC accounting graduates are among the best in the world, as evidenced not only by our students' superior job placements and CPA exam pass rates, but also because of their solid grounding in a liberal arts core that is infused with the Jesuit tradition of service and high ethical standards.

Our alumni occupy many of the top leadership roles in the business and not-for-profit world. Recognized consistently as among the top accounting programs in the country by Businessweek and Public Accounting Report, the Accounting Department at Boston College is nationally known for its research and teaching excellence, with a focus by all of our faculty on helping students be successful graduates, in their professional and personal lives.

I welcome you to discover the success stories of our graduates, and discuss with any of us the many rewarding career opportunities available to a BC accounting graduate.  

Mark Bradshaw
Chairperson, Accounting Department