2019–2020 Seminar Series

For further information concerning the Finance Seminars, please contact our seminar organizers Ian Appel and Rawley Heimer. To receive a copy of a seminar paper, please visit Fulton 330 or email Sandra Howe or Kasey Preskenis. All department seminars are held on Mondays or Wednesdays at 10:30 AM in Fulton 145.

External Seminar Series

John Graham

"Executive Mobility in the United States, 1920 to 2011"

Duke University

September 04

Fulton Hall, 145

Doron Levit

"Irrelevance of Governance Structure"

Wharton, University of Pennsylvania

September 11

Fulton Hall, 145

Mike Simutin

"The Origin and Real Effects of the Gender Gap: Evidence from CEOs' Formative Years"

University of Toronto

September 18

Fulton Hall, 145

Hamid Mehran

 "Compentsation Designs in the US Financial Reform"

Financial Economist, Formerly of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

September 23

Fulton Hall, 145

Daniel Green


September 25

Fulton Hall, 145

Alexander Gorbenko

"Venture Capital Contracts"

USC - Marshall

October 02

Fulton Hall, 145

Antoinette Schoar

“Is there a leverage cycle in the US housing market? The role of government and private actors” 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

October 16

Fulton Hall, 145

Hendrik Bessembinder

"Do Global Stocks Outperform US Treasury Bills?"

Arizona State University

October 23

Fulton Hall, 145

Mao Ye

"Market Structure and Corporate Payout Policy: Evidence from a Controlled Experiment"

University of Illinois

October 28

Fulton Hall, 145

Xavier Giroud

"Firms Internal Networks and Local Economic Shocks"


October 30

Fulton Hall, 145

Paige Ouimet

"The Impact of the Opioid Crisis on Firm Value and Investment"

University of North Carolina

November 06

Fulton Hall, 145

Adrien Matray

"Higher Dividend Taxes, No Problem! Evidence from Taxing Entrepreneurs in France"

Princeton University

November 13

Fulton Hall, 145

Evgeny Lyandres

"Product market competition with crypto tokens and smart contracts"

Boston University

November 20

Fulton Hall, 145

Anna Cieslak


December 04

Fulton Hall, 145

Ran Duchin

University of Washington

December 11

Fulton Hall, 145

Ralph Koijen

University of Chicago - Booth

March 27

Fulton Hall, 115

Camille Hebert

University of Toronto

April 01

Fulton Hall, 115

Paola Sapienza

Northwestern University - Kellogg

April 15

Fulton Hall, 115

Tom Chang

USC - Marshall

April 22

Fulton Hall, 115

David Aldama - Navarrete

"Dark Banking?"

PhD Candidate, Boston College

September 16

Fulton Hall, 145

Harshit Rajaiya

PhD Candidate, Boston College

September 30

Fulton Hall, 145

Yu Wang

PhD Candidate, Boston College

October 07

Fulton Hall, 145

Jordan Bulka

PhD Candidate, Boston College

October 21

Fulton Hall, 145

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