Message from the Chairperson

The Management and Organization Department includes the disciplines that study how individuals, groups, and organizations function. We are interested in ways to make organizations more successful through the effective use of their human capital. Our faculty is composed of outstanding teachers and researchers who are recognized as leading scholars in their field. We actively engage with students both inside and outside the classroom, sharing our excitement about our field with them as they pursue course work and make career choices. Our faculty members publish in top academic journals and involve students extensively in all phases of our research.

At the undergraduate level, the Management and Organization Department offers a concentration in Management and Leadership, a co-concentration in Entrepreneurship for Carroll School students, and a minor in Management and Leadership for undergraduates in other schools. At the graduate level, the department offers a Ph.D. in Organization Studies. We work hard to make sure that students are prepared for the challenges they will face as they pursue careers in a wide array of fields.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our research or programs.

Judith Gordon