Professional & Continuing Education

Through a variety of programming, current educators can study at the forefront of instruction and assessment while advancing their careers.

We collaborate with principals, teachers, and support staff to identify their needs and develop customized professional development plans that leverage our faculty’s diverse fields of expertise. Our continuing education offerings help educators stay on top of the latest educational knowledge and methods.

We also work closely with the state, developing innovative approaches to ensure Massachusetts sustains its status as a national leader in education.


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Online Courses: Teaching K–8 Writing

A series of one-credit courses prepare educators to teach language development and writing to students in grades K–8. The curriculum leverages an approach that Professor Maria Brisk has developed and tested for over 10 years in multiple schools. Courses focus on narrative writing, report and explanation writing, and argument and procedure writing.

Pathways to Professional Development

Experienced Lynch practitioners develop customized programming that covers a range of topics, including how to most effectively develop learning communities. Programming is flexible, with credit and non-credit courses and short-term and extended options available.