2018 Roundtable

 No Child Goes Homeless Initiative

2018 Group Photo

The eleventh Nelson Chair Roundtable on Networking Community-Based Programs was held April 5-6, 2018 at Boston College. As a continuation of our partnership with the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative and Project Hope, the 2018 Roundtable featured the work of the No Child Goes Homeless Initiative (NCGH), which is a collaboration to support students and their families experiencing housing insecurity or homelessness in the Dudley Neighborhood of Roxbury and North Dorchester, Massachusetts. 

The 2018 Roundtable aimed to provide a space for the NCGH core team, partners, and critical stakeholders to brainstorm on sustainability of current efforts and to strategize on future collaborations with the goal to develop a blueprint for success that capitalizes on existing resources, identifies needs, and develops shared aspirations.

2018 Roundtable cover

The format for this year's event included two full days of deliberation with a distinct mission and goals for each day.

Roundtable Day One

A meeting of the NCGH core planning team with three goals:

  1. Establish a fuller picture of NCGH "Today" vision and operations through the examination of identified Logic Model components
  2. Advance an emerging picture of NCGH "Future"
  3. Prepare for conversations with key external stakeholders


Roundtable Day Two

Engagement with critical partners and stakeholders to:

  1. Provide a fuller picture of NCGH’s vision, partnership, and operations
  2. Hear from external stakeholders about needed resources and partnership possibilities for NCGH’s continued growth and success

Roundtable photo
Roundtable photo
NCGH Impact

Sustaining the work of NCGH is essential to family and community stability, as well as embracing development of the whole child through collective partnerships. Supporting this important work contributes to the ongoing Roundtable mission of promoting and enhancing university-community engagement through coalition building of community-based programs striving to improve the education and socio-emotional development of children and families.

Roundtable photo

Keri-Nicole Dillman, an Evaluation and Learning Consultant, led the NCGH core team through the process of mapping their current work and classifying opportunities for future success.

Employing an external evaluator is an effective strategy for achieving clarity on program assessment.

Breakout Groups

The No Child Goes Homeless Initiative has pursued the goal of housing stability for families in Dudley neighborhood schools that are homeless or housing-insecure for several years - surfacing many lessons. As No Child Goes Homeless pivots to the future, a number of opportunities were identified that, if made a reality, would accomplish key targeted outcomes. A central goal of the 2018 Roundtable was to leverage partner and stakeholder expertise to brainstorm on strategies for success.

Roundtable planning team
Roundtable Photo

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