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A center of American history and a leader in innovation, Boston is an ideal city in which to pursue personal and professional fulfillment. It’s an internationally renowned hub for higher education, health care, and technology—and home to some of the nation’s top school systems.

Here, students have access to placements in world-class hospitals and a range of educational settings, including public, private, charter, and Catholic schools and universities.

Vibrant art, music, and sports scenes complement these career opportunities, making Boston a dynamic backdrop for learning, living, and growing as a professional.


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Student Teaching

Under expert supervision, students teach across various educational settings. They gain experience in urban and suburban public, private, parochial, and charter schools throughout Greater Boston.

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Graduate Experience

Clinical Sites

Through placements in community health centers, schools, hospitals, and other settings, graduate students sharpen their counseling skills and gain invaluable experience.

Graduate Experience

Living and Working in Boston


Best city in the Northeast

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