Senior Internship Seminar

Purpose of the Program

The Communication Internship Program is designed to provide students with opportunities to explore different career opportunities. The program aids students in acquiring valuable skills and knowledge and in using laboratory equipment not ordinarily available on campus. The program also allows students to integrate academic theory with practical experience. Above all, the internship program attempts to expand a student's understanding of the dynamics of mass communications.

Eligibility for Internships

The program is open to majors in communication who have senior standing. In addition, potential interns must have completed a minimum of seven courses in communications at Boston College prior to the beginning of the final year. These seven courses are to include the five basic required courses - The Rhetorical Tradition, Survey of Mass Communication, Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, and Communication Methods.

Enrollment Procedure

Eligible students are invited to apply to Christine Caswell, Director of the Senior Internship Seminar. Applicants for the fall semester will be approved during the weeks prior to pre-registration in the spring; applicants for the spring semester will be approved during the weeks prior to pre-registration in the fall. Applicants may also enroll with Prof. Caswell through the drop/add period. Forms are available in St. Mary's Hall South, 4th Floor and on the Communication department's web site (link to pdf application is below).

Those students accepted for the program are responsible for securing an appropriate field placement subject to the approval of the Director of the Senior Internship Seminar. Internship credit can only be awarded for a placement that has a professional level of supervision, requires skills consistent with the academic experiences of the intern, and meets the test for an appropriate placement established by the internship program. Communication Internship opportunities will be announced in Department Digest and may also be found on the Boston College Career Center web site and in the Department Library (St. Mary's Hall South).


Students may enroll in the internship program for one semester (3 total credits) during their senior year. In order to receive a grade for the course, students must:

  • Work 15 hours per week at their placement
  • Meet all deadlines and complete all paperwork for the course.

Interns must write a field research paper. Grading in the internship program is based upon rigorous standards, and superior grades will be awarded only where there is demonstrable proof of superior work.

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