Honors Course Requirements

In addition to the GPA requirement to be invited into the program, students must complete (or take concurrently) the required introductory courses in the communication major (marked with a *) before beginning the honors program. The honors program requires the same number of courses as the standard communication major, however three courses are specific to Honors only (marked with a +) and replace standard courses. Students must earn a grade of A- or better in all Honors courses to remain in the program.

  • The Rhetorical Tradition (COMM1010)*
  • Survey of Mass Communication (COMM1020)*
  • Public Speaking (COMM1030)*
  • Interpersonal Communication (COMM1040)*
  • One Theory course of their choice
  • Communication Methods: Honors (COMM3335)+ must be taken Sophomore Spring; replaces standard methods
  • Introduction to Honors (COMM4475)+ must be taken either semester Junior year; replaces one writing intensive
  • Honors Thesis (COMM4961)+ must be taken Senior Fall; replaces one communication elective
  • One additional Writing Intensive course of their choice
  • Two additional Communication Electives of their choice