Theater Minor

The Theatre Minor is intended for students with a serious interest in theatre who for one reason or another are not able to commit to fulfilling the requirements for the Theatre Major. Based on the same principles and structure as the Theatre Major, it aims to provide students with a broad-based theatre education that balances courses in theatre studies and theatre practice.

A Theatre Minor will complete the following courses and requirements:

  • THTR 1172: Dramatic Structure and Theatrical Process (or Introduction to Theatre, in special cases)
  • THTR 1101: Acting 1: Fundamentals of Performance
  • THTR 1130: Elements of Stagecraft OR THTR 1140: Elements of Theatrical Design
  • THTR 2275: History of Theatre I OR THTR 2285: History of Theatre II
  • One upper-level Literature, Criticism, History course (3000 or higher)
  • One upper-level Production/Performance course (3000 or higher)
  • Three one-credit Production Labs (including at least one Prep Lab)

All courses for a Theatre Minor need to be chosen from the Theatre Department curriculum. Courses taken abroad, courses taken at other institutions, and Readings and Research/independent study courses will only count towards a Theatre Minor in rare and exceptional circumstances.

For Theatre department courses with limited enrollments, Theatre Minors will be given access to a course AFTER Theatre Majors but BEFORE non-majors/minors. Status as a Theatre minor may also be a factor in determining actors, designers, and stage managers for Theatre department productions.

Students who wish to declare a Theatre Minor should contact Crystal Tiala, Chair of the Theatre department, indicating their interest and providing their Eagle ID number.

Questions about the Theatre Minor can be directed to Crystal Tiala or Administrative Assistant Julie-Anne Whitney.