Theatre Major

To receive a Bachelor of Arts in Theater from Boston College a student must complete a minimum of 11 courses and production labs in the following way:

  • Four required foundation courses:
    • THTR 1172: Dramatic Structure and Theatrical Process. (Students unable to register for this class may substitute THTR 1170: Introduction to Theatre.)
    • THTR 1103: Acting I: Fundamentals of Performance
    • THTR 1130: Elements of Stagecraft
    • THTR 1140: Elements of Theatrical Design
  • Four classes (12 credits) from the following:
    • THTR 2275: History of Theater I AND/OR THTR 2285 History of Theater II
    • The remaining two or three classes from upper level Dramatic Literature, Criticism and Theater History (3000-level or above)
      (For example, if you take two History of Theater courses you need two upper level courses. If you only take one of the History of Theater course, you need three upper level courses.)
  • Two (6 credits) upper level Performance and Production (3000-level or above).
  • Any one (3 credits) additional theater course 2000 level or above.
  • Six credits in production labs. Production Labs involve direct work on Theatre Department productions as a member of a preparation crew or backstage on a run crew. THTR1130 and THTR1140 already have a lab attached that count toward these six.