Joint M.A. in Philosophy & Theology

If you have questions and interests that lead you into both philosophy and theology, or would like to deepen your understanding of each field by opening it to the other, you might consider pursuing a M.A. in Philosophy and Theology at Boston College.

Drawing on the resources of large major departments and distinguished authorities in each field, and situated at the heart of a prominent Jesuit Catholic university, this program is structured around distinct concentrations that address major areas of common concern to the two fields, and explores their historical, systematic and disciplinary relations. Students develop a program of study in discussion with an academic advisor, and take courses in the standard graduate programs offered by the Philosophy and Theology departments. Concentrations include: Faith, Science and Philosophy; Foundations in Philosophy and Theology; Medieval Philosophy and Theology; and Philosophy and Religions.

This program is designed to address the various interests of students who wish to augment graduate study of philosophy with greater exposure to theology or graduate study of theology with greater exposure to philosophy, consider teaching in private secondary schools, or simply feel in need of intellectual enrichment.

For more information about specific requirements, please contact the co-directors of the program:

Jeffrey Bloechl, Department of Philosophy

Jeremy Wilkins, Department of Theology

To apply, please visit the Graduate School in the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences Admissions page.

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