The curriculum for Theology majors incorporates both structure and flexibility. Majors take a combination of essential, required courses and electives from within and outside the Department of Theology. Students outside of the College of Arts and Science can also major in Theology. Programs are designed in consultation with the Director of Undergraduate Studies and the student's Theology faculty advisor. Students majoring in theology must choose between two tracks: the Standard Theology Major or Honors Theology Major.

Standard Theology Major

The Standard Theology Major (30 hours) is relatively unstructured and flexible, easily tailored to various motivations and goals for theological study and adaptable to the diverse paths and timetables by which students come to the major. It offers a theological enrichment and complement to a student’s BC education, through the following requirements:

  • Theology Core (2 courses; 6 credits)
  • Majors Course “Conciliar Traditions” (1 course; 3 credits)
  • Majors Seminar “Key Theologians and Texts” (1 course; 3 credits)
  • Electives (6 courses; 18 credits)*

Honors Theology Major

The Honors Theology Major (36 hours) is designed for Theology as a first major, especially for students with an interest in further study of theology or related fields. Both rigorous and comprehensive, it provides an integrated introduction to the discipline and a broad foundation for further study. With its comprehensive distribution requirements across all areas, it exposes students to the entire breadth of the theological discipline. With increased credit hours and an optional thesis, it is capacious enough for students to focus on a particular sub-discipline in which to pursue and demonstrate theological excellence. As an Honors Program it would also allow students to be recognized for their achievement, both within and outside the university, thus facilitating admission to the next level of study. Students are expected to maintain a 3.5 GPA within the major.


  • Theology Core (2 courses; 6 credits): Students must fulfill their normal Theology Core requirements with either (A or B):
    • A. One semester of Christian Theology:
      • THEO 1401 Engaging Catholicism
      • THEO 1402 God, Self, and Society
      • CT themed Enduring Questions/Complex Problems
    • And one semester of Sacred Texts and Traditions from the following:
      • THEO 1430 Buddhism and Christianity in Dialogue
      • THEO 1431 Islam and Christianity in Dialogue
      • THEO 1432 Hinduism and Christianity in Dialogue
      • THEO 1433 Chinese Religions and Christianity in Dialogue
      • THEO 1434 Judaism and Christianity in Dialogue
      • STT themed Enduring Questions/Complex Problems
        (NOTE: Honors Majors may not fulfill their STT core requirement with THEO 1420, THEO 1420, or THEO 1422)
    • B. Perspectives or PULSE.
  • Scripture Sequence (2 courses; 6 credits): Students must also complete both THEO 1420 The Everlasting Covenant: The Hebrew Bible and THEO 1421 Inscribing the Word: The New Testament
  • Majors Course “Conciliar Traditions” (1 course; 3 credits)
  • Majors Seminar “Key Theologians and Texts” (1 course; 3 credits)
  • Honors Distributions (3 courses; 9 credits): 1 upper-level course (Level 3 or above) in each of the sub-disciplines not already covered by the Theology Core or Scripture Sequence
  • Honors Electives (4 courses; 12 credits), including an optional Honors Thesis (6 or 12 credits)*

*2 courses/6 credits from another discipline (including the first major) may also count toward the Standard Theology or Honors Theology majors, provided that they have sufficient theological relevance as determined by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

The Department's membership in the Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium (BTI) allows advanced Theology majors to cross-register into some 7,000 courses taught by 150 faculty members at eight other BTI schools. Students thus have access to the resources of one of the world's great centers of theological study.