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office of the university historian

For the Office of the President and Other Offices:


The Office of the University Historian functions directly under the Office of the President, and responds to whatever inquiries are made from that office concerning personalities and events in the University's history. The office also provides historical and statistical information to various university catalogs, journals, fact books, and other campus publications that contain important historical data.

Example: Upon indication that the President desired a greater degree of signage throughout the University, the Office of the University Historian compiled and published an up-to-date Campus Guide providing historical background and information for every major building in each of the Boston College campuses.

For BC Students and Alumni:


Students at Boston College and BC Alumni make frequent use of the Office of the University Historian. Students conducting research projects dealing with various aspects of BC's history visit the office for information and often consult with the University Historian for further suggestions and directions. Alumni members contact the office with questions about their time period as students at Boston College and occasionally offer documents and memorabilia relating to the history of the University. Quite often, the office contacts the University Archivist for consultation about the appropriate disposition of such historical materials.

For Local and National Media Outlets:


The Office of the University Historian is also a direct source of information for both local and national media outlets — newspapers, radio, and television — concerning historical aspects of Boston College. In cases where the requisite information is not available in this office, inquiries can be directed to such other university agencies as the Burns Research Library, the Office of Student Affairs, or the Athletic Association. Sometimes, members of the media are directed to the University Historian by the Office of Public Affairs; at other times the media contacts this office directly. In either case, the Historian served as the spokesperson for the University in terms of the historical record.

Did You Know?

The University Historian is different from the University Archivist. BC's Archivist, David Horn, is located in the Burns Library and is responsible for the preservation and maintenance of the records, documents, memorabilia, and artifacts pertaining to the history of Boston College. He can be reached at 617-552-3698.