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international programs

Semester & Academic Year Study Abroad

office of international programs

As soon as students arrive on campus, they are encouraged to begin thinking about going abroad. Students should speak with returned study abroad students, attend study abroad information sessions and the annual Study Abroad Fair. Going abroad can take many forms: a traditional semester or year; a summer term, research, volunteering or interning are all options. Some options can be combined with others. Students interested in going abroad should also meet with their academic advisor so they can fit study abroad into their four year academic plan.

We encourage students to begin planning early. Students should note that the application process for junior year abroad begins during the sophomore year. Academic and semester abroad programs are open to juniors only, but summer programs are open to all students. Students interested in summer programs should explore the many options available through the OIP.

For semester and academic-year programs, students may choose either a Boston College program or an approved external program. Students may only submit one application to BC OIP. Additionally, we cannot guarantee a student will be approved for their first-choice program. If a student is in good standing and has the requisite GPA, however, we can work to find an alternative program.

Searches may be conducted by discipline, country and/or language through the OIP’s search engine. At an early stage, students are encouraged to think broadly about the range of countries and areas of study open to them. It is important to consider programs that allow for the maximum room for professional, academic, and personal growth, including those in less traditional locations. Students are encouraged to remain open and flexible in considering other options.



"Many of the most exciting things in life are on the other side of the uncomfortable. I do not regret doing any of (the things I did) - I realized it was all worth it."

“Plan your classes early and ask for approvals before you’re officially accepted to your courses.”

Get started on your study abroad experience!