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College Transition Program (CTP)

summer program — learning to learn

Attending college is more than going to classes, writing papers, or taking exams. College is also filled with questions about financial aid, academic standing, and social activities. The College Transition Program (CTP) is an introduction to that experience.  CTP is a pre-freshman program available to a selected group of students and is made available free of charge including food and room and board that pushes beyond the university orientation and allows students to understand the resources and opportunities available and to begin to take the initiative to make their BC experience their own.

CTP is a two-week program that will provide you with the opportunity to develop new friendships with incoming students to become familiar with Boston College. You will meet faculty, staff and administrators at BC and hear about expectations and student life. You will have informative sessions about financial aid, academics, clubs and organizations at BC, and many other issues essential to life at BC. Your experience will also allow you to become close with your fellow CTPers and student staff and to enter BC with a built in group of friends.

At the start of the program, there is a reception for parents and students.  Shortly thereafter you will attend a three-day university orientation program that is required of all full time entering students. You will then return to the CTP program for the remainder of the two weeks.

Specifically, LTL will assist you in the following ways:

  • LTL will provide you with an in-depth introduction to Boston College and its resources.
  • You will develop critical thinking skills and strategies for academic success through a series of workshops and training, based on the nationally acclaimed Learning to Learn program.
  • LTL will help you create opportunities for developing relationships with other incoming freshmen.
  • You will meet individually with a staff member to look at your financial aid package.
  • You will receive personal assistance in selecting appropriate classes.
  • You will meet individually with faculty advisors, deans, and administrators.
  • You will participate in social activities outside the classroom and an introduction to the Boston area.
  • LTL will provide you with continued and consistent guidance and resources throughout your undergraduate career.