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The Mission Of Jamaica Magis

Campus Ministry


Jamaica Magis aims to provide Boston College students the opportunity to live and serve in solidarity with people in Jamaica who have faced social, political, and economic oppression. Equipped with a semester of education about Jamaican culture, history, and current events, Jamaica Magis students arrive in Kingston with a deeper understanding of the people and the context in which they live. During their time in Jamaica, students will gain a deeper understanding of social justice and spirituality by learning to recognize the face of God in all things: in the hug of a child they serve at an impoverished primary school, in the smile of an elderly woman whose memory is failing, in the strength of the community, and in themselves. Jamaica Magis strives to build a community of students who truly embody Boston College’s call to become men and women for others.


Group Photos


What we do

Students who participate on the Jamaica Magis Service Trip serve the Kingston communities primarily as teaching aides at Holy Family Primary School and Holy Trinity High School.  In addition to teaching, students serve as aides alongside the Missionaries of the Poor and within several Mustard Seed communities.  With spirits dedicated to living in solidarity and excited to embrace the Jamaican culture, the Boston College students who participate are introduced to several sides of Jamaican society to visualize the diversity the nation offers. 


gaetan civil holding a Jamaican child
Patrick Williamson playing outside in Jamaica with school children
two BC students in Holy Family school with Jamaican students


Where are they now?

Jamaica Magis alumni are doing fantastic work at various institutions all over the world. Here are a few alumni biographies:

Patrick Williamson: was a member of the Jamaica Magis Service Trip group in 2012 and led the trip during his Junior year, 2013.  Patrick was deeply moved upon witnessing issues of education inequality and insufficient school funding in Jamaica and made it his mission to advance education reform in the United States and some day Jamaica as well.  Patrick graduated from Boston College in 2014 and is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Education Policy at Columbia University.



Donate to Jamaica Magis

The Jamaica Magis Service Trip provides its participants with a safe and productive space in which they may undergo a transformative experience.  While the trip offers great opportunity, each student must fundraise money to participate.  Please offer them a supportive hand and donate to this great cause.  Your donation not only supports a BC student, but also the students and faculty at Holy Family Primary School in Kingston. Please be generous and remember:

"Some give by going, others go by giving" - Mother Theresa


BC student holding a Jamaican student
Sidney barrau and John Gabelus holding a child


To apply for the Winter 2017 Jamaica Magis Service Trip, follow the instructions on the main Jamaica Magis page.